Three Dimensional Therapy Study Course

Three Dimensional Therapy (T3) takes energy healing to a whole new level. After years of research and testing, Leilani A. Alexander, MMS and Gwen S. Legler, MSW, have created a professional personal study course to teach you this amazing therapy we call Three Dimensional Therapy.

People develop core belief systems to help them deal with the traumas or past experiences. As a person understands and changes their reactions to their past they can act, not react, to the present. With that insight and new-found understanding they can pursue their goals and dreams for the future. It is the things you do NOT know about yourself that stops you from reaching your goals and opening your unlimited potential.

As a Three Dimensional Therapy Practitioner, you will have the knowledge to help people change their lives, empower them to reach their full potential and have success in their desires.

This course consists of:

  • A 300-page colorfully illustrated manual
  • Professionally made DVDs where the authors demonstrate these amazing methods
  • A course on Handwriting Analysis that will give you insight into your clients, yourself and others. It is powerful, yet easily understandable—Suicidal or just depressed? Honest or dishonest? What you see, is it really what you get?
  • You will have both the Three Dimensional Therapy Manual plus the Handwriting Manual on CDs as E-books that you can download to your PCs, iPads, or other electronic devices.
  • As a bonus you will receive Karol Truman’s Reference Guide to Emotions. She is the author of “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.” You will have an opportunity to participate in our certification program and to become a Certified Three Dimensional Therapy Practitioner.

This course will teach you:

  • Identify your Faulty Core Belief Systems
  • What is your core desire – how does the need for love affect you?
  • Identify and use your energy gifts
  • Energy Cording – Who are you attached to? And who is attached to you!
  • What is conception energy and how does it affect you
  • Vanishing Twin?
  • Dramatic effects of Separation and Abandonment
  • PTSD
  • Addictions
  • And much more. . . .

Here is an example on the chapter about Energy Gifts:

“There are 4 basic categories of energy gifts or as some have come to know them as ‘extra sensory perception’ or your ‘six sense.’ What are they? How do I use them? Where did they come from and why can’t I have the ones that I want?

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Knowing
  • Feeling

“Years ago in prehistoric times our ancient ancestors knew what water to drink or where to find food, and most importantly when they were in danger of being dinner! Forward a few thousand years to the dark ages. If people used their gifts they were considered possessed of the devil and were put to death. In today’s world we know that just turning on a faucet will give us drinkable water, food is found at your local store and being dinner is just unheard of. Also in today’s world if you’re considered Psychic then you are either just weird or belong on a TV show! So it can be difficult to find what strengths you have a safe way to develop these skills. That is what this chapter is all about.”

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After many years of research and testing, our study course takes energy healing to the next level
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