Please go to our certification page where you will find the requirements necessary and how to start the process.

Any extra training or knowledge a person has is beneficial, but no specific training is required at this time. We have those who take our training to just help their own families or friends. Others plan to use it in their professional practice to enhance the training and skills they already have.

We love to teach and do hands-on training. We enjoy the one-on-one support with our practitioners.

Please go to our “Find a Practitioner” Page to find a certified T3 Practitioner. This list is continually growing as we are training and certifying others on an on-going basis. These T3 practitioners can work with you over Skype and other means so you do not have to live near one to find help.”

At this time we have a closed practice so we can focus our energies on training others how to do this amazing work.  This will make it possible for many people to receive help rather than just a few which we could handle.

All orders are submitted every Tuesday morning and they are shipped within the next 48 hours, depending on where you live.

Not at this time. You can use your credit card and budget your payments that way.

The work we do is so in-depth that to touch on any of the methods that we teach in our course, without the training about how and when to use it appropriately, could cause  damage to the client.  It could also have legal ramifications if not used correctly.  Therefore, we have choosen not to write a book of Three Dimensional Therapy highlights.

It is important to keep detailed records of all your clients. All core belief work has to be submitted on our CBS form that is in our manual. Once you register to go through the certification program we require that you send us your most current work.