Helping Morning Sickness

Do you find yourself hitting a plateau or getting stuck while working on a client? Have you found that what worked before does not seem to work now? It was these kinds of challenges that led Gwen & Leilani to discovering and developing core belief work which is a major part of Three Dimensional Therapy.

A perfect example of this is Dr. Brad Nelson’s technique for working with pregnant women. Gwen’s daughter, Katrina Bullis, works with pregnant women who are struggling with morning sickness. She found that his procedure for curing morning sickness was often very effective for some women, but others would feel good for a day or two, then became sick again. Katrina, who is trained in Three Dimensional Therapy, knew to muscle test and ask if they had a faulty core belief system affecting their morning sickness. To no surprise, she would get a “yes” answer.

Here are some ideas for discovering a faulty core belief system. Remember, these sentences are ideas for a core belief system; these are not the whole belief system itself.

  1. “I have to be sick if I am pregnant.”
  2. “I connect with my baby by being sick.”
  3. “If I stop being sick, I will lose my baby;” or, “I have to be sick to keep my baby.”
  4. “I know I am still pregnant if I am sick.”
  5. “Morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy.”
  6. “Morning sickness is a part of pregnancy and that’s just the way it is.”

Some pregnant women have inherited programs and they would subconsciously create their own core belief system from the inherited one(s). When using the Three Dimensional Therapy Method remember to ask if the pregnant woman has an inherited program also.

One actual belief for an inherited program was:

  • “A woman is supposed to be morning sick when pregnant.”

Could you not hear a grandmother or mother saying this to their daughter? After you clear the faulty belief system, check to see if she needs a nutritional supplement. We have found that taking 50 mg. of Vitamin B6 four times a day with food has been very helpful. The mother could also benefit from taking a good probiotic and digestive enzyme as well as a good vitamin/mineral supplement.

Remember, when you get stuck, hit a plateau or keeping coming back to the same type of problem with a client, ask if they need to work on a faulty core belief system. In the Three Dimensional Therapy Study Course, we teach you how to find and release these faulty core belief systems. Now, get these women out of the bathroom and back to life!

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