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Below you will find a current list of certified practitioners. This list is continually growing as we are training and certifying others in an on-going basis. Their contact information and biographies will help you to choose which certified practitioner might work best for you. These T3 practitioners can work with you over Skype and other means so you do not have to live near one to find help. To set an appointment for a T3 session, please contact a practitioner below.

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Chris Chimbers
Chris ChimbersCertified Practitioner
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Language: English

T3 or Core Belief Therapy is a powerful modality I am proud to offer in addition to my Body Code practice. Whenever I do a T3 session I know I am helping someone get past some deep pattern and create the core belief that will really help them move forward.

If “Need for T3 Session” has come up for you either intuitively or in a Body Code session, honor what your body is telling you and experience T3 with a certified practitioner. In my practice I have seen lives turn right around after a Vanishing Twin session, clearing deep trauma and gaining permission to live with purpose and joy. Connecting a client with Divine conception energy is another game-changer T3 offers.

I was certified as a T3 practitioner in 2014, Body Code in 2013; I also offer Inner Child Integration, shadow clearing and Business Energy Clearing.

Contact me for a free no-obligation interview…

514 671 0171

Skype: heartfreedom1

Dr. Carolee Johnson, N.D.M.H.
Dr. Carolee Johnson, N.D.M.H.Certified Practitioner
Bountiful, Utah, USA
Language: English

Dr Carolee Johnson is an experienced world renowned natural healer, specializing in the most cutting edge energy healing methods available in the world. She has helped people reach miraculous goals in health and abundance using energy methods, muscle testing, and nutritional counseling.

Dr Carolee uses Three Dimensional Therapy, Body Code, Emotion Code, and other cutting edge energy methods to clear negative beliefs and programming from the unconscious, that contribute to ill health and lack of abundance.
You can reach Dr Carolee by phone to set up your T-3 Session
Call 866-229-8031 or 801-664-1514 and leave a short voice message with your call back number, and Dr Carolee will get back to you, same day to set up a session.
You can reach Dr Carolee by email send a quick note with either a return email or phone number, and Dr Carolee will get back to you within 24 hours to set up your healing session.
You can learn more about Dr Carolee at you are also welcome to send Dr Carolee your information through her website.

Gai Lawson
Gai LawsonCertified Practitioner
Ontario, Canada
Language: English

Following a life-long curiosity about “energy” and how it may be experienced, at first through random experiences and then by design, I explored and experimented to consciously develop my skills of energy perception through various means. Developing my intuitive skills and a greater understanding of how energy works is an ongoing passion.

With a background in other energy modalities, when I discovered The Emotion Code through a friend I was captivated with the simplicity and effectiveness of it. I became certified in both the Emotion Code and the Body Code System which immediately led to studying and becoming certified in Three Dimensional Therapy (T3).

I am so grateful to assist people with T3, which I feel is an incredibly powerful and effective modality for releasing deeply buried old beliefs which hold us back!

I believe we have the innate ability to heal via the divine spark that is within each of us. To tap into that inner source and assist fellow Souls on their journeys of self-discovery—and to observe this healing and unfolding in personal growth is both a great privilege and a joy!

Peg Sutherland
Peg SutherlandCertified Practitioner
Grassland, California, USA
Language: English


Phone: 603.662.4196

I began my study of holistic health soon after graduating high school, studying under a Native American spiritual teacher for almost a decade.

My own need of healing brought me to study and experience shame reduction and healing the inner child with psychotherapist Kip Flock and psychologist Dr. John Bradshaw.

Two decades later I encountered Dr Brad Nelson’s work and became Emotioncode and Bodycode certifed. I became certified in T3 Therapy in the spring of 2014 and use Three-Dimensional (T3) Therapy as a primary part of my healing work.

I am now living the life I have always wanted due to changing what was in my subconscious and am excited to help others do the same!

Susanne Weiss
Susanne WeissCertified Practitioner
Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
Language: English

I am certified practitioner in Three Dimensional Therapy, Emotion Code and Body Code and am also a Licensed Massage Therapist. Additionally, I am a Reiki Master and I have been exploring essential oils for over 17 years.

But I am especially passionate about Three Dimensional Therapy because of the empowerment and the potential for growth and change that is gained. It is not just in clearing your blind spots, but it is about coming to a new understanding in how to create happiness and joy and creating the life you want.

Rose Morro
Rose MorroCertified Practitioner
San Clemente, California, USA
Language: English

Ever since I can remember, I have always been drawn to people. I love listening to personal stories, curious about challenges and dreams, deeply interested in achievements and inspired by cultural differences. These connections helped me develop a greater awareness of my inner self and my purpose as a teacher, a mother and as an energy healing practitioner. I became certified in The Emotion Code in 2013 and The Body Code in 2014 with the intention to help people regain emotional and physical health and to clear hidden blocks to achieve success.

With T3 I discovered the amazing possibility of going even deeper to release limiting beliefs and programs buried in the subconscious and to replace them with an empowering core belief system. T3 promotes balance and the natural flow of energy in the body, thereby reducing stress, and increasing joy and happiness. I became a certified T3 practitioner in 2016.

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified Body Code Practitioner
Certified T3 Practitioner
Skype: rosemariekathleen
Telephone 514 623-1537

Cindy Okroj
Cindy OkrojCertified Practitioner
Seattle, Washington, USA
Language: English

Cynthia Okroj RN MSN CECP, CBCP, ACN
Telephone: (01) 512-436-9903

“Cindy” brings 38 years of international nursing experience to her healing practice. She is an accomplished energy healer, now certified in Three Dimensional (T3) Therapy! Cindy is a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner, and was mentored by Dr. Bradley Nelson and the Healer’s Library Team in 2015. She is also a certified NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and Bowen therapy practitioner, and Applied Clinical Nutritionist.

As a teenager, Cindy watched her father embark on a journey of fasting, nutrition and exercise to reverse his angina, recurrent malaria relapses and overweight. She developed deep awareness of the incredible ability of the human body to heal itself. Although she worked in nursing, Cindy always had a keen interest in other methods of healing the body, mind and soul. Cindy incorporates techniques she found to be effective, gentle, yet empowering, in her healing practice. She loves to empower individuals and families to find and reclaim their health, wealth and happiness.

I invite you to begin your journey to break free of pain and transform belief systems that hold you back from creating the life of your dreams with Three Dimensional Therapy.

Cindy’s practice is known as “Bon Accord Allergy and Wellness LLC”.

Cassie L. Hughes
Cassie L. HughesCertified Practitioner
Seattle, Washington, USA
Language: English

Cassie L. Hughes
Telephone: (01) 208-250-8839

Cassie is a respected energy-healer who works with clients all around the world. Certified in Three-Dimensional Therapy, the Emotion and Body Codes, and trained in Energy Psychology, her sessions are dynamic and well-rounded for a deep and enriching experience.

Cassie specializes in helping her clients find happiness in the present, no matter their present circumstances. Sessions are often fun and inspiring as she works together with clients to overcome health concerns in gentle, light-hearted and rewarding ways. She fosters an ability to ignite inner-creativity and let go of fear, anxiety and the scarcity mind-set. She inspires abundance by teaching the mind that there is a never-ending supply of good out there, with plenty to go around. Everyone can partake of the Joy in life if they are willing to be open and accepting of it. Cassie helps individuals learn how to be open and accepting of the rich abundance life has to offer.

To book a session with Cassie please:

Visit her website at
Go to her appointment scheduler:

You can also contact her by:
Phone: 208-250-8839

Melissa Johns
Melissa JohnsCertified Practitioner
Vancouver, Washington, USA
Language: English

In 2004, as an overwhelmed and disheartened mother of four, I began a personal healing journey that has brought me twelve years later to a place I never dreamed I would be. After working personally with three alternative healers for my own healing I knew I needed to help others in a similar way. In the fall of 2007 with my first tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), I opened my office and began to help others with their own healing journey. Over the past nine years I have continued to learn by taking classes and studying, adding tools to what I call my “toolbox”. I am a licensed massage therapist, a certified Reflexologist, a certified practitioner in Emotion and Body Code, and I am now certified in Three Dimensional Therapy. I also use CranioSacral Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, essential oils and flower essences.

I believe in order to be a balanced individual; the spirit, mind and body need to work together in harmony. When these three areas are not in harmony, disharmonies begin to appear as a means to get a person’s attention to regain harmony. When this does not happen, people get stuck in destructive patterns and limiting perspectives that keep them from moving forward in their lives with peace and joy. In a session I tune into the clients body through intuition, and muscle testing and then use the appropriate tools from my “toolbox” to assist them in regaining harmony and balance.

After being introduced to Three Dimensional Therapy through my Body Code certification process, I knew that I needed to add this therapy to my toolbox. I have seen remarkable progress with my clients as we have gotten to the core of issues that we had previously worked on using other tools. It is a wonderful tool to eliminate old beliefs systems and free individuals to make lasting changes in their lives.

I am very grateful for the opportunity I have to work with other people in this way and be a part of their healing journey. It is such a privilege to facilitate the opportunity for change and see clients move forward in their lives and find their true selves.

You can find out more about me at my website:
To make an appointment, call or text me at 360-903-5863 or email me at

I offer in person, over the phone or Skype sessions. I live in Vancouver, WA.

Jane Ward
Jane WardCertified Practitioner
Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa
Language: English

Jane is a certified practitioner in Three Dimensional Therapy (including Inner Child), Emotion Code, Body Code and also a certified counsellor.  Additionally, she does Light Therapy Healing, Zero Point Energy and Abundance sessions to clear any money blocks.

She is passionate about bringing healing to people using various energy techniques.  Through this work she has seen many people transformed and living better, happier lives.  She helps her clients, who include children, adults and families to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole and safe.

After experiencing trauma herself, and never quite feeling whole through traditional therapy, Jane was led to energy healing.  Jane’s own need for healing led her to study the Emotion Code which has lead on to the many other forms of healing techniques she uses.

She is always excited to help other change their lives, and live the life they want.

To book a session with Jane please contact her:


Skype: jane_holden


Phone: +236 775317847

Patricia Nebreda
Patricia NebredaCertified Practitioner
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Languages: Spanish, English and German

Patricia is a certified practitioner in Three Dimensional Therapy (including Inner Child), Emotion Code, Body Code and also a certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.  Additionally, she does Rapid Transformational Therapy and Abundance sessions to clear any money blocks.

Her has international experience working with people all over the world in different languages (Spanish, English and German) giving her a broad perspective to effectively deal with human challenges.

To book a session with Patricia please contact her:


Skype: patricia.nebreda



Languages: Spanish, English & German

John Drinkwater
John DrinkwaterCertified Practitioner
Lichfield, England
Language: English

John is a certified practitioner in Three Dimensional Therapy (including Inner Child), Emotion Code, Body Code.

His aim is to enhance people’s physical, mental and emotional development in health and wellbeing, based near Lichfield, Central England, with most session work carried out by phone or Skype.

He is also a qualified naturopath, promoting physical health.

John became certified in the Emotion Code in 2014, the Body Code in 2016 and Three Dimensional Therapy in 2018, which serves as the cornerstone to his work in transforming people to live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives.

John is also a certified psychologist and relationship workshop facilitator.

His other keen interests are in handwriting analysis that supports his therapy practice.

He also provides business clearing sessions, resonating relationships sessions to attract our ideal relationships and abundance breakthrough programs.

Penny Lahanis
Penny LahanisCertified Practitioner
Johannesburg, South Africa
Languages: English and Greek

Penny is a certified Three dimensional therapy practitioner (including inner child therapy),  also a certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner that includes Resonating Relationships as well as Abundance Blocks sessions to help clients deal with relationship issues and or imbalances preventing clients from manifesting abundance in all areas of their lives, including finances. Other modalities such as quantum touch and energy balancing by numbers also compliment the sessions, to give her clients the best therapy they need and desire.

Penny has experience working with people globally, using English as her primary language and is also able to assist clients using the Greek language.

To book a session with Penny you can use any of the following platforms:


Skype ID: Penny Lahanis


She offers sessions in person, over Skype or phone calls and also via email where sessions are done remotely.

Penny is based in the North/West region of Johannesburg in South Africa.