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The Broadcast Message

The Broadcast Message
September 2016

As we work with our students, we find they sometimes confuse how to write the Broadcast Message. They write it like a program or belief -That won’t work.
A broadcast message is a powerful nonverbal energy message that people send or radiate from their aura/energy field to those around them. It communicates to others how a person wants to be seen or treated. (Pay attention here…) It is brief and always a command or order.
In most cases, they are not aware of how they are telling others to treat them, such as “Ignore me,” or “Take advantage of me.” Fortunately there are those who send out positive messages such as, “See Me as Confident,” or “Respect me.”

All Broadcast Messages originate from a core belief system. Be aware, if you clear the Broadcast Message without identifying and clearing the Faulty Core Belief System that supports it, the client will just create a new one to take its place. It is part of that client’s survival system. It’s what they use to cope. Even if the message is as bad as “Abuse me” it’s the role they are used to playing.
Not every core belief system has a broadcast message, BUT when you work with several related systems, inherited included, you will always have at least one Broadcast Message as a result of those beliefs. After you have cleared the Faulty Core Belief System and the Negative Broadcast Message, you and the client together will replace them with an Empowering Core Belief System and a Positive Broadcast message.

The following are examples of wrong and right:
Wrong                                                           Right
I feel used.                                     “Use me,” or “Abuse me.”
Nobody listens to me.                                 “Ignore me.”
I feel so incompetent.                       “See how stupid I am.”

Or on a positive note…

I am standing up for myself               “Respect my boundaries”
I am a friendly person                           “Treat me kindly”
I have good ideas to share                      “Acknowledge my ideas”

For those of you who have the Three Dimensional Therapy Personal Study Course, please study the section on Broadcast Messages if you want more information and examples. (Chapter 3, page 55)

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