The Dangling Heart Cord or Love Unreceived

Picture a clothesline with clothes flapping in the breeze.  The clothes don’t go anywhere, they just flap.  That is what a dangling heart cord looks like.  A person sends a cord out to another, but it is not received.  They desperately want or even need to cord a particular individual, but the intended receiver will not accept their heart cord.  The senders need for attachment is so strong they leave their cord dangling, hoping the other will accept it.  An unattached heart cord drains energy from the person, but it serves no purpose.  In fact, it is even a liability, causing them to often blame themselves.

A client with a dangling cord needs help to bring it back.  This can be painful at times, but it always brings relief afterwards when they realize why their cord is not being accepted.  We had a client who carried a lot of pain and hurt from his past.  His mother was unhappy in her marriage and full of anger toward her unfaithful husband.  She was angry and resentful when she learned she was pregnant.  To make matters worse, when he was born he looked like his father.  As a result, his mother never bonded with him as she did with his older siblings.

Over the years the client tried to feel accepted by his mother.  She cared for him properly, but never really accepted his love; hence, the dangling cord.    We cleared several Faulty Core Belief systems before we helped him bring his cord back.  Through visualization, we had him gently pull his cord back, and seal the hole in his heart.  He felt very relieved and had a better relationship with his mother as he did not expect more than she was capable of giving him.  He also knew he did nothing wrong to cause this.

Another client had a plutonic friendship with a man that ended suddenly and painfully.  She was deeply hurt and angry.  As we worked with her, it became evident that she was under the impression that this was a mutual friendship when in fact it wasn’t.  She was mostly giving and he was mostly taking.  We found a Faulty Core Belief system where she was putting her dreams and hopes on other people and then becoming angry when they didn’t live up to her expectations.  She also had a dangling cord from trying to cord him.  She took the cord back and felt relief.  These cords are like leaky hoses—they drain the tank dry.

When you work with a client who has deep hurt, pain and/or anger, you may find a dangling cord.  When you clear the emotion, “love unreceived,” check for this.  Close your eyes and picture any cords the client has coming from their heart and see if one is unreceived.  You can also ask the body.  We like to do both.  Ask the subconscious if you need to find and release a Faulty Core Belief system before bringing the cord back.  After you replace it with an Empowering Core Belief system the client will usually be able to bring the cord back and move on with their life.

These are possible ideas for a Faulty Core Belief system:

  1. “I see you as I need you to be.”
  2. “When you don’t fulfill my expectations for you, I feel betrayed.”
  3. “What’s wrong with me that I can’t be loved.”
  4. I’m angry at . . . . . (can fill in the blank with many possibilities)”
  5. “If I disconnect, I’ll lose my dream.”
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